Tran Hoang Co – Vietnam

Tran Hoang Co Vietnam


Co studied art at the Fine Arts University Academia of Sculptures Hanoi, 1990. He currently lives and works in Hanoi.

Co has worked and been involved in many symposiums around the world . His work can be seen in Vietnam, Japan, Germany, Holland.  South Korea, Argentine,  Australia Most of his work created are now displayed in Museum of fine arts of Japan, Singapore, United States of America.

“The art Trail was diverted after the post-war period  in Vietnam, the shape, shading, of nature and human beings are revived, in different art forms.
The life and death of environmental destruction, and denominational, grass trees and humans today”

“Time of samsara, in each breath work of art, like yesterday and today, tomorrow.
Creative dream art, who I am, come from. flavours of rock, sweat sculptural artwork  has reverted to life.”