Luke Zwolsman – Australia

Luke ZwolsmanLuke lives and works on the Gold Coast, Qld.  He has attended several international symposia any much of his works have been commissioned and acquired by local governments, corporate and private clientele.  He is gaining a higher profile in Australia as a stone sculptor who often uses a ‘portal theme’ as in gateways to a new understanding of life.  He particularly likes to work in hard stone.

“I attempt, in my pieces to release in varying degrees, the natural energy of the stone being worked, and contrast this with various textural elements and smooth finishes which allow the viewer to see into the essence of the stone.  Yin-Yang, male-female, the balances of life. 

This balance is shown also in the ‘space’ of the stone.  The material which has been removed and the negative space which is captured by the mass of the remaining stone.  A tension is created between the formed and the unformed.  The seen and the unseen are the sum of the total.  My preferred material is granite as this, for me, contains the most natural energy.  Its hardness, resilience and ability to accept varying contrasts and textures.”